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Tell us about your Electrical or Lighting ProjectFlorida Lighting Maintenance is Florida’s Superior Full-Service Commercial Electrical and Lighting Contractor that can handle your Lighting Installation, Upgrades and Retrofit Options.


Florida Lighting Maintenance is your full-service commercial lighting professionals.  If you need commercial or industrial lighting that requires more than just screwing the old light bulb out and putting the new one in, talk to the lighting experts at Florida Lighting Maintenance about your particular needs.  Call us at (941) 342-8980 to speak to one of our customer service representatives or “Click the Button” “Tell Us About Your Project”

Whether you install and maintain incandescent, fluorescent , HID or LED lights, we get the job done right!  Our pros utilize lighting products from top-of-the-line manufacturers only.  And, we can provide recommendations on new lighting technologies to not only save you utility dollars, but also to protect our environment.  Florida Lighting Maintenance’s staff can help you apply for energy rebates and tax incentives available at the local, state and national level.  Your rate-of-return on investment is then much quicker.

Our exterior lighting and parking lot lighting is second to none in the central Florida area.  High quality and energy efficient exterior lighting is one of our specialties!  Any commercial facility that provides effective and well thought-out exterior lighting around their exteriors and parking lots are substantially less likely to deal with crime, litigation and code violations.

Florida Lighting Maintenance’s professionals know that efficient illumination for exterior and parking lot lighting is a must.  We have the right lighting products, installation and maintenance to meet your goals.  Contact Florida Lighting Maintenance at (941) 342-8980 to arrange a FREE lighting survey.  “Click” FREE ENERGY AUDIT to discuss your particular energy issues and to identify problems and to receive solutions.  We’ll solve any asthetical and safety concerns, while at the same time reducing energy usage and saving you money.  And we offer cost-effective service contracts to better maintain and repair exterior and parking lot lighting.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services company in Florida

Commercial Lighting Audits:

Free Energy Audit for your Electrical and Lighting systems and componets in FloridaWe at Florida Lighting Maintenance have the goal of educating our customers on the advantages of implementing new technology to save time and energy dollars.  After contacting us our first very important duty is to schedule an energy audit of your building.  Our professionals are then able to identify problems and to accurately determine what your actual energy numbers are.  We can then recommend the proper electrical modifications needed, and perhaps better lighting and HVAC systems.  All intended to reduce power consumption and improve your bottom line. Contact Florida Lighting Maintenance Now! “Click” FREE ENERGY AUDIT.

The energy audit specialists from Florida Lighting Maintenance will thoroughly inspect all your energy systems (HVAC, lighting, air compressors, refrigeration and many others) and record precise measurements.  The final report given to your facility manager contains a description of the building’s current energy consuming equipment, the energy balance and a series of recommended energy conservation measures(ECMs) that can be made. 

Once the changes are approved, the professionals at Florida Lighting Maintenance will help you review and select all the right energy reducing products, equipment and components.  You’ll receive our superior installation service all done by licensed professionals that work quickly and efficiently to provide you the energy savings you want and need. Contact Florida Lighting Maintenance Now! “Click” FREE ENERGY AUDIT. to discuss your particular energy issues and needs.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services company in Florida

Commercial Lighting Retrofit and Upgrades:

Florida Lighting Maintenance can upgrade your current lighting system through light retrofitting and new ballast installation to rapidly lower your energy consumption.  Today it’s very much possible for most businesses to take advantage of new technology savings by implementing entire light retrofitting of their facilities.  At Florida Lighting Maintenance we have the experience and workmanship to deliver on-time service and support.  Our electrical and lighting pros work quickly to light retrofit your building to keep you up-and-running.  We provide you all the energy efficient product options available, financial incentives to successfully retrofit, expert installation and maintenance programs to provide further savings.

LED Lighting Retrofit and Electrical Services for FifthThird Bank before photo 2

LED Lighting Retrofit and Electrical Services for Fifth Third Bank after photo 2


Light retrofitting is actually a term where old lighting systems are audited and their electrical components replaced to make them more energy efficient.  This is usually done by installing new electronic ballasts, T-8 lamps and new reflectors.  Florida Lighting Maintenance will use a combination of these three to provide energy savings and cost reduction, as well as providing the proper “color rendering index” to provide high quality and aesthetically pleasing light. 

The lighting electrical pros at Florida Lighting Maintenance can also help our customers find the right LED lighting solutions.  LED lighting provides superior durability, 5-10 times longer life, low heat out, virtual elimination of routine maintenance and periodic re-lamping to save money, and significant energy savings.  Our LED customers can expect up to 70% energy reductions over traditional lighting, and life-expectancy up to 300,000 hours or an expected 30-year life.  Contact Florida Lighting Maintenance Now! “Click” FREE ENERGY AUDIT to discuss your lighting needs, and to arrange a FREE no obligation estimate.

Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services company in Florida

Commercial Lighting Maintenance:

Once you’ve installed a new lighting system it becomes paramount to regularly check and inspect your entire commercial lighting system for efficiency.  This can better reduce costly down-time and the need for having to install expensive new equipment to get your lighting system up-and-running again.  Florida Lighting Maintenance offers service maintenance agreements that allow our highly trained technicians regularly scheduled inspections of your entire lighting system.  By finding problems before there is a major failure, you’ll be protecting your investment and saving energy dollars for years to come.

Do You Need Emergency Service Now!

Emergency Response Team waiting to take care of your Emergency Needs.Emergency Electrical or Lighting Services, PUSH the Red Emergency Button or Contact our Emergency Number Now!, at (941) 342-8980We respond speedily to any difficulty, and quickly determine where the failure has happened and replace any parts to prevent lengthy downtime. 

Whether you have a maintenance agreement with Florida Lighting Maintenance or not, all commercial businesses can contact us to receive our outstanding emergency lighting repair services.  Affordable service rates, prompt response and skilled professionals, the experts at Florida Lighting Maintenance have what is needed to restore your lighting system to operations again.  Fully bonded, licensed and insured, contact our lighting techs to get your facility’s lighting system up-and-running.  Call (941) 342-8980 to order service (emergency and 24/7 scheduled repairs), or to arrange a FREE no obligation estimate to setup maintenance or upgrades.  Contact Florida Lighting Maintenance Now! “Click” “Tell Us About Your Project”.


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